Imagine meditating with people from all over the world, in a spirit of love and unity.
This is the place! 

Allow the brainwave synchronization to help you attune to a resonance field where WE ARE ONE.

Listen, relax and let it happen. 

If you care, please share and make this place a beautiful meeting ground for many like-minded souls
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How to meditate

Preferably, sit in a upright position so you can easily breathe and focus. Point you chin gently  towards the chest to lengthen the neck a little – as if there is string attached to the crown of your head and a pulling sensation is felt. Relax the shoulders and during the meditation you can close your eyes.

Take a few deep breathes; fully in and then letting go, fully in and letting go. Don’t push the air out on the outward breath, just let it go. Fully in, let it go. Do this a few times.

– This is a meditation of Integrated Oneness

A practical series to help awaken and experience your deeper spiritual self.

Third Eye Chakra meditation

The true divine creative power really comes to expression when we work in service of others. In the former meditations we have experienced our personal part in the process but we will now imagine and see how our efforts help mankind. 

Really focus on the physical feeling of the body. Sit and be conscious of how you sit. You might softly tighten the pelvic muscle to feel the base chakra area (1). 

Feel a sense of gratitude how your efforts have helped others and see their joy in your mind. Feel their gratitude and joy while you see the essence of your power being projected in the world. See via the third eye chakra a glow of light reach out into the world (2). As you sit in meditation and listen to the music:

  1. consciously feel your body, especially the lower part*
  2. see a wave of light moving into the world via your third eye chakra
  3. gently pull the pelvic muscle and focus on your base chakra while gently breathing in. With every outward breath move your focus to the third eye chakra and release your hold on the pelvic muscle and feel it relax in the body

Repeat this cycle as long as it feels comfortable. 

How it works

The music uses binaural beats to help synchronize the brainwaves, achieving a deeper sense of awareness. Meditation is not an activity, it’s a state of mind! To help you attain this state of mind it is important to allow the brain to resonate on a slightly lower frequency; reducing Beta (thinking), activating Alpha (imagination) and Theta (feeling).

Why it works

Ancient cultures already knew the influence of the moon on the physiological nature of life. Kriya Yoga teaches us how the moon effects our chakra energy centers. This music combines the two! Special resonances on the base chakra with a new moon working towards the full moon and it’s strong effect on our crown chakra. 

There is a special resonance meditation for every chakra and position of the moon! The music on top of the page is adjusted to the current position of the moon. 

experience this yourself, together
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